Do you do reversal or revenge spell work?

Sure, I am really good when it comes to send things back, I have guides who do specialize on it and are the best.
But it is not about me willing to do the work, is about you being ready for it  and your own expectations, reversal work may be what you want and in a world of instant gratification, we want to see the person suffer and come back asking for forgiveness.
There is a very important part of reversal work, many choose to ignore it because it is not convenient and it is strength and protection. If you were harmed by someone’s actions, physically or spiritually, it means your own spiritual protections were weak or have been weakened, doing reversal work out of the blue, just because that is what you want may cause more harm than good.
The first and most important part of any reversal work is to protect you and strengthen you against your enemies, give you the tools to overcome the damage and the strength to the spirits to send it all back.
A vulnerable and unprotected person, hiring someone to send back or doing negative spell work against others, may just open the door for entities to drain more and can end up making things worse for the client, therefore if you are serious about reversal work, you must be willing to get stronger, or else it may not bring you the desired result. Some people say that these spells “backfire”, no, spells cast properly with the right protections never backfire.

Do I need a consultation before can buy your rituals and spells?

For custom rituals : YES; in Palo Mayombe and Santeria everything starts with a consultation.
A consultation is required before I can offer you any custom ritual work.
It does not apply to spiritual tools and other items that will be offered in the store.


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Message from Yaya Maria – Don’t shoot the messenger

Recently I have been dealing with emails from clients who were disappointed and unhappy because my spirits did not offer custom spiritual work for them, and every time this happens, it shows me how correct my spirits are when they choose who to help and who to turn down.

Still some leave me speechless, I do not want to take their money if the spirits say is not going to happen and if I know I cannot help them, yet some still feel the need to be rude? Is this for real?

I am making this post for new customers to read before they contact me asking for spiritual work.

First and foremost I will say that I am only one person, and contrary to what some want to believe, I am only human, I am not connected 24/7 and I do not make things happen for you, it is my Eguns, the Orishas, the Nkisis and the spirits who make anything possible, I am only the messenger.

With that said I can only take limited amount of clients at once, I can only do a limited amount of consultations a week.

Now, the most important part, spiritual work is not a drive thru window  where you order what you want from a menu, when you work with the spirits, it is not about what you want, but about what you can receive and what the spirits are willing to give you.

Before I am able to commit to any spiritual work I ask my Eguns and they choose who they will help and who they will not help, my spirits normally turn down more requests than what they accept, Tata Jose, my main guide in Palo is very picky on who and what we use his Prenda (Spiritual Cauldron) . It is out of my control, I trust my Eguns and I know there is a reason for everything in the spiritual world, but once my spirits take someone in, they make me go the extra mile.

One of the many reasons why working for some people is very difficult and the spirits turn down so many is because of spiritual build up, we all have it, I clean myself daily, any person who does spiritual work needs to include cleansing rituals, when we call upon spirits, when we tap into the energies of the universe, we must be able to absorb the energies the spirits make available to us, if we are not ready spiritually to absorb these energies, they create unbalances and what I personally call, spiritual junk, like build up of spiritual energies and spirits that cannot get anywhere. One of the basis of any spiritual practice, essentially in Palo Mayombe and Santeria is cleansing and depuration, sometimes we carry energies and spirits with us that we need to depurate to give room to other energies to reach up to us.

For example, when someone is initiated in Santeria it needs to be a whole year in white without doing any spiritual work, and there are reasons for that. There are many cleansing ceremonials that need to take place before a person is scratched (rayado) in Palo Mayombe and the most important part, the spirits guides of the person must agree to the work, that is why spiritual investigation misas are so important in my religion.

When someone reaches too many spiritual energies at once, it causes build up, just like taking overdoses of multivitamins thinking you will get healthier sooner, the ones that are soluble get eliminated from your body and others cause build up and will make you sick in the long term, this is one of the things the spirits look into before starting a new work, I always ask my clients to stop any additional spiritual work while the work from my spirits is in progress, some do, some don’t, I do not argue, the spirits always know what is going on.

Unfortunately some people cannot take the world NO for an answer and they get all upset and feel the need to be arrogant and insulting, one of the first lessons the spirits taught me is to be humble and honest, it is a very intrinsic part of my religion, we need to learn to be humble to our Godparents and Brothers and Sisters, we need to learn to be humble to the Orishas, the Nkisis and the spirits, I am humble and respectful to my clients, I treat others the same respect I expect to be treated, unfortunately some try to take advantage and confuse it with weakness, nothing further from the truth, that is where spiritual strength comes from.

When you consult me about spiritual work, there is a good chance the spirits will turn your request down, in some cases the spirits will offer you something else, or nothing at all, as bad and hurt as you can feel, do not take it personal, you asked for advice and my spirits are being honest, I am being honest, I am not taking your money, if  the spirits are giving you an honest advice, do not disregard it, do not argue it, listen to it, it is up to you whether you follow it or not, but please don’t shoot the messenger.


Yaya Maria