Do your spells always work? Do you guarantee your work?

My spiritual services are part of my life and believe system, Palo Mayombe and Santeria are my religions and the forces that guide my daily life, what you call spells is my daily, I am always in communication with the spirits in the regular basis, I make offerings every day, it is my lifestyle and the spirits guide my life. I have seen spells work and I believe in the powers of the spirits.
But I cannot guarantee you will get what you want or ask, I guarantee I do my work, I am ethical and authentic, but I do not have control of the universe and everything that happens in your own realm.


About love, relationship and reconciliation rituals

Since about 90% of the requests I receive are directed to this area, I will try to explain how the work is done, keep in mind that every situation is different, but this general statement applies to all.
First I want to share a very important fact : SPELLS DO NOT CHANGE THE INDIVIDUAL’S  BASIC NATURE.
The spirits and Orishas when summoned can influence individuals and situations, can make someone take action and manipulate decisions, with our rituals we bring the energies and spirits to situations, but no ceremonial will ever make a person change completely and become who you want him/her to be.
When it comes to relationships, different ceremonials may be used. First I consult you and see what can be done to help you stabilize your own state of affairs. If you are depressed and unbalanced, I have to work with you to find ways to help you feet better, it is part of the problem and must be part of the solution.
This is very difficult, many approach me willing to pay any amount of money for the promise that his/her ex-lover will be back, it breaks my heart when I advise a client to work to improve its own weaknesses, and see people not willing to accept their own reality, remember you need to help yourself before you can help others, you need to be strong if you want to summon some spirits, you need to put your own needs above everyone else and you need to love yourself first and foremost.
Rarely is a situation or relationship fixed overnight, please remember, your relationship did not deteriorate overnight either, it took time, actions and influences to deteriorate and now we are calling the spirits to help us fix it.


If working with you, can I cast other spells? should I get readings?

I strongly recommend my clients not to cast any additional spells or go into psychic readings while I am working on their situation, remember the spirits are working and the energies are changing constantly, untrained workers may take spiritual forces as negative or chaotic and you will receive confusing information,  I do not like to consult my clients while the spiritual work is in progress unless there is an emergency situation.

Do you only do custom rituals and amulets?

Mostly yes, in my practices and based on my own experience, spiritual work must be directed to the spirits and the needs of the client, no wholesale spells. Spiritual needs are unique to every individual and it is important to tailor any spiritual work by the directions and needs of the spirits.
Once in a while we offer ceremonials to the Orishas that could help anyone and consultations are not required.


How long does it take for you to complete your rituals?

Custom works may take from few weeks up to few months to complete, after the customer places the order, if materials need to be sent,  I will set the date for the work after the materials arrive.
It also depends on my availability for the month, if I am working in local ceremonials or initiations, my time will be more limited. I also consul the spirits every time I schedule a new ceremonials, the spirits have the last word on the right time to do the work, everything has its time and place in the spiritual world.


Do you need biological samples for your rituals?

Most custom work requires biological samples or other materials from you and/or others, it is an important part to link the spiritual work to the physical realm of the individuals. I will work with you to find the appropriate items and will tell you what may work or not. Details of what is needed will be discussed with the clients before the order is placed.



What to expect after I purchase a ritual from your store?

After you purchase your ritual and services, you will receive instructions via email on how to proceed. If there are items to be mailed, I will provide you the mailing address to send the materials.
Once the materials arrive, I will set the date to start your work and send you an email with instructions. I may ask you to light a candle or do a simple ceremonial to put your energy and to tune your own spirits to the spell in progress.
According the specifics of the services, I may schedule with the moon or other dates.
Some ritual may include an amulet prepared with it, sometimes it is to be sent to you or may be disposed or even buried in certain locations as per the advice of the spirits. If the amulet is to be sent to you, I will mail it once is ready with the instructions on how to use it to activate the energies within.

How much does it cost for you to cast a spell for me?

Each case is different, everyone has different spiritual needs, influences, obstacles and challenges, some more complicated than others, therefore  custom ritual work is priced accordingly to the individual situation and work involved. You need to schedule a phone consultation for me to be able to look into the details  and determine the forces at work before recommending any ritual work.


Do you require consultation for all your services?

Any and all custom rituals and ceremonials require a previous consultation.
At times I may offer rituals or spiritual items that will help anyone in any situation and a consultation is not required, I still consult with the spirits before performing the ritual to make sure it will help.


Do I need a consultation before can buy your rituals and spells?

For custom rituals : YES; in Palo Mayombe and Santeria everything starts with a consultation.
A consultation is required before I can offer you any custom ritual work.
It does not apply to spiritual tools and other items that will be offered in the store.