Do you do reversal or revenge spell work?

Sure, I am really good when it comes to send things back, I have guides who do specialize on it and are the best.
But it is not about me willing to do the work, is about you being ready for it  and your own expectations, reversal work may be what you want and in a world of instant gratification, we want to see the person suffer and come back asking for forgiveness.
There is a very important part of reversal work, many choose to ignore it because it is not convenient and it is strength and protection. If you were harmed by someone’s actions, physically or spiritually, it means your own spiritual protections were weak or have been weakened, doing reversal work out of the blue, just because that is what you want may cause more harm than good.
The first and most important part of any reversal work is to protect you and strengthen you against your enemies, give you the tools to overcome the damage and the strength to the spirits to send it all back.
A vulnerable and unprotected person, hiring someone to send back or doing negative spell work against others, may just open the door for entities to drain more and can end up making things worse for the client, therefore if you are serious about reversal work, you must be willing to get stronger, or else it may not bring you the desired result. Some people say that these spells “backfire”, no, spells cast properly with the right protections never backfire.