Do your spells always work? Do you guarantee your work?

My spiritual services are part of my life and believe system, Palo Mayombe and Santeria are my religions and the forces that guide my daily life, what you call spells is my daily, I am always in communication with the spirits in the regular basis, I make offerings every day, it is my lifestyle and the spirits guide my life. I have seen spells work and I believe in the powers of the spirits.
But I cannot guarantee you will get what you want or ask, I guarantee I do my work, I am ethical and authentic, but I do not have control of the universe and everything that happens in your own realm.


How long do I have to wait to see results?

Unless advised by the spirits, I never like to give specific timelines with spiritual work, for example, if I tell you something is going to happen in 7 days, at the 6th day you may get very nervous and fixated with the events expected on the 7th day and with your own negativity and/or actions, you may delay the event developing on the 8th day.
There are way too many factors and unseen forces in the spiritual realm which make timelines insecure and unreliable.