About love, relationship and reconciliation rituals

Since about 90% of the requests I receive are directed to this area, I will try to explain how the work is done, keep in mind that every situation is different, but this general statement applies to all.
First I want to share a very important fact : SPELLS DO NOT CHANGE THE INDIVIDUAL’S  BASIC NATURE.
The spirits and Orishas when summoned can influence individuals and situations, can make someone take action and manipulate decisions, with our rituals we bring the energies and spirits to situations, but no ceremonial will ever make a person change completely and become who you want him/her to be.
When it comes to relationships, different ceremonials may be used. First I consult you and see what can be done to help you stabilize your own state of affairs. If you are depressed and unbalanced, I have to work with you to find ways to help you feet better, it is part of the problem and must be part of the solution.
This is very difficult, many approach me willing to pay any amount of money for the promise that his/her ex-lover will be back, it breaks my heart when I advise a client to work to improve its own weaknesses, and see people not willing to accept their own reality, remember you need to help yourself before you can help others, you need to be strong if you want to summon some spirits, you need to put your own needs above everyone else and you need to love yourself first and foremost.
Rarely is a situation or relationship fixed overnight, please remember, your relationship did not deteriorate overnight either, it took time, actions and influences to deteriorate and now we are calling the spirits to help us fix it.