In person consultations

I offer in person consultations from my home.
In person consultations must be scheduled directly with me via email or phone.
Existing customers have my number and know how to get in touch with me.
New customers need to purchase the phone consultation in the store and request an in-person appointment.
This is done for security reasons because I can not give my home address randomly to anyone.
For security and privacy reasons, I do not do in person consultations for new customers in the weekends or evening hours.

How to prepare and make the best of a phone consultation?

I always see my consultations as clearing the layers of an onion, many times I have to clear and release spirits and energies around you before I can get to the bottom of your problems. But you have to allow me to clear the layers because if you hold down to it, you will not allow the spirits to communicate with me. In other words, you must be willing and open to receive the messages from the spirits.
Prepare your questions ahead of time, have a pen and paper ready to write notes during the consultation.
Try to be relaxed and comfortable; clear your mind of the worries of the day, clear your heart and will of your own expectations.
Plan for your time accordingly, try to find a place alone and undisturbed. Lunch breaks or driving from/to work are not the best places for consultations.
Do not schedule a consultation for a time you will be under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
Do not expect me to make decisions for you, the spirits offer you advice and provide insights and guidance, but most of the times, they will not tell you what to do next.
Do not ask for lottery numbers or specific health or legal issues.
Do not keep asking the same question expecting a different answer, if you keep asking the same question over and over, you will start receiving conflicting answers.

What if you do not have answers for some questions?

I am not God, I can only give you information and advises the spirits have available to you.
I do not have the explanation for everything going on in your life and a consultation or ritual spiritual work will not fix your life and make it perfect in one day.

Do I need a consultation before can buy your rituals and spells?

For custom rituals : YES; in Palo Mayombe and Santeria everything starts with a consultation.
A consultation is required before I can offer you any custom ritual work.
It does not apply to spiritual tools and other items that will be offered in the store.


Your spells and spirits are not strong enough because they cannot do what I want

They are stronger than you think; the main reason why I do not take frivolous or empty spell requests.
My services are directed to help you, and you will hear the truth about your situation, if you accept it or not, it will be all up to you. If I cannot offer you the spell you want,  at least you will know that and hopefully you will listen to the spirits and will not waste any more time, money and energy in impossible situations.

What if you do not tell me what I was expecting?

I am honest and straightforward, and I will not lie to you. I have no control of the messages from the spirits, if during a consultation the spirit guides me to another direction; it means that there are other issues more important that need your attention.
For example if you are trying to help someone else or get a lover back and the spirits guide me to tell you about you and the things that you have to do for yourself, please do not ignore or disregard the message just because you find it unimportant.
Everything revealed to you by the spirits has a reason and it is a power in your hands to make the best use of it.
If you are going through difficult times, be prepared to hear some information about your reality, you may be in the need of some changes in order to get your life back in order.

Do you offer refunds for your consultations?

Consultations are only refunded if they are not carried out or if I cancel them, not offering you spell work or not telling you what you wanted to hear are not grounds for refunds.
Before you place your order, you must read and agree to our Refund Policy

What happens if you cannot connect with me?

If I cannot make a connection with you, or if the spirits advise me to do so, I will stop the consultation and will either reschedule or cancel the service and refund your payment. I am only human and can have a day off once in a while.