Spiritual Ritual to Connect & Appease Ancestral Spirits



We all have ancestral spirits, both of blood and of spirit. When I talk about ancestral spirits, I am not just referring to the spirits of your blood relatives who you may have known or remember, I also refer to the spirits and entities that came with them and protected them in their journey, these entities stay with the new generations in the spiritual lineage after the person departs from this Earth.

The spirits of the ancestors are always with us and guide our path and our destiny, they can be a source of healing, protection, guidance and companionship.

Many problems and dysfunctional situations we encounter are passed down from ancestral spirits. Ancestral spirits can be both the source of hardship and cure, when we work with them, we elevate both their spirits and ourselves.

Our lives stand on the foundation of the sacrifices of our ancestors, they are as close to us as our breath and bones. Our ancestors give us support and strength to fulfill our potential here on Earth and with our involvement; we can also help their own growth and evolution in the spiritual realms.

Like the living, the spirits of our ancestors run the full spectrum from wise and loving to self-absorbed and harmful. Physical death is a major event for the soul, a rite of passage we will all face, and we, the living, can provide critical momentum for the recently deceased to make the initiatory leap to become a helpful ancestor. Once the spirit of the dead becomes ancestor, part of their post-death journey may include making repairs for wrongs committed while here on Earth.

That is why it in important, for their sake and for ours, to feed our relationships with our ancestors.

The ceremonials to the ancestors will be directed to help your ancestral spirits on their journey, to feed your relationship with them, to help you find ways to get closer to them and to welcome the ongoing support and blessings of your ancestors in your everyday live.

Ancestral spirits can help you in the process of finding the hidden powers to embody your potential in this lifetime.

If you have lost (or never had) your sense of greater purpose, working with your ancestors will help you make the life changes meant to bring you to the path where you can find ways to fulfill the agreements made before your birth.

Working with your ancestors will help you find ways to fulfill our destiny as a happy and well-adjusted person, and it will also be an investment for future generations.

Your ancestral spirits can be a source of healing, protection, empowerment, guidance, companionship and nourishment in your everyday live.

When you start opening the doors of communication with your ancestral spirits, anything could happen and you will be more open to receive their messages and energies. You can find your ancestors in your dreams; you can feel a chill pass through your body or a sense that something magical is happening.

When working with ancestral spirits, the right ceremonials shall be performed to ensure you are engaging with the spirits of evolved ancestors and not with the spirits of conflicted or even manipulative ghosts.

That is the main reason why you should not do it alone, you should always have the support of a grounded medium experienced with spiritual work that will bring responsible spirits to ensure the ancestors contacting you are trustworthy and helpful.

The ceremonials to open your connection to your ancestors will be done for you during a period of 9 days.

These ceremonials are done following the tradition from my spiritual house based on the teaching of my teachers, godparents and ancestral spirits.

Once you place your order, I will schedule the ceremonials for you and in few days, you will receive the confirmation of the date the ceremonials will begin and the instructions based on the divination performed.

Do to the nature of these ceremonials, I will not be able to schedule more than one at the time, therefore it may take few days for me to be able to schedule yours.

After the 9 days ceremoanils, I will ship you 9 stones consecrated to your ancestral spirits during the 9 days the ceremonials took place.

Once you receive your shipment (shipping costs included in the price) we will set up a follow up phone (or Skype) appointment for me to explain you the different spirits of the ancestors who came to the ceremonials and their advice.

The instructions on what you should do during the time the ceremonials take place will be sent based on what your ancestors want during the divination ceremonials.

This is a service, which will take place during the period of 9 days, once we start, there is no way to stop it, I have to finish it.



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