Santeria Shango Enemy Protection, Defense and Return Ritual


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This ritual will be done with the Santeria Orisha Shango to protect the person against enemies and to return all the ill wishes, actions and/or witchcraft your enemies have done against you right back to where they came from.

In this ritual we summon the Santeria Orisha Shango, the king of power, owner of thunder to protect you with his energies and to return any harm done to you by your enemies.

This ritual will be most helpful to anyone person who finds itself in a competitive situation with enemies who try to harm and in situations where you have to be alert all the time and can not afford to make mistakes.

On the day of the ritual, we feed Shango and summon his energy to protect and defend you, to clear your spiritual path, to help you overcome your enemies and help on you progress.

For the rituals I will need your full name and date of birth and a recent full body picture of yourself, you can also order the protection rituals to help someone else. If you have the names and pictures of your enemies, you will email them to me as well.

Once I receive your order, I will schedule the rituals he rituals with Shango. I will email you the date of the ceremonials as well as instructions.

Nothing will be shipped with these rituals, the rituals for Shango will be done on the day we set and confirm to you, the next day I will send you an email confirming the rituals performed.

The benefits of Shango’s protection are invaluable, Shango can protect you from your enemies, not only in the material world, but also in the spiritual world.

Before you start any type of spiritual work, it is strongly advised for you to have good protections in place.


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