Santeria Ogun Protection Rituals



Ogun is a powerful Orisha, the orisha of iron, strength, justice, protection and power.
Ogun is the protector, the fierce warrior, the defender of his children. Ogun is the edge of the knife, the knife that can kill or save, that is the wild nature of Ogun.
Working with Ogun’s protective nature is invaluable for anyone who have spiritual and material enemies.
Ogun is one of the Warrior Orishas (Guerreros), along with Elegua, Osun and Oshosi.
If you have enemies who want to harm you, Ogun is the Orisha to call for protection. Ogun will seek justice for its children and will make your enemies pay for any harm caused.
The protection ceremonials for Ogun are directed to protect you spiritually, something that is always needed in every spiritual path and very helpful when you start any type of spiritual work.
There is no consultation required to buy this ceremonial, as the benefits of Ogun’s protection will help everyone and anyone who asks for his help.
The rituals for Ogun are done on the 3rd of each month. That day we feed Ogun and summon his energy to protect and defend you, to clear your spiritual path and help on your progress.
For the rituals I will need your full name and date of birth and a recent full body picture of yourself, you can also order the Ogun protection rituals to help someone else.
Once you place your order, you will receive an email with the instructions of what to do the day of the rituals and the date your rituals will be scheduled.
Nothing will be shipped with these rituals, the rituals for Ogun will be done on the day we set and confirm to you, unless there is a problem or the Ogun advices anything specific for you, no further emails will be sent after the work is completed.
The benefits of Ogun’s protection are invaluable, Ogun will protect you from your enemies, not only in the material world, but also in the spiritual world.
Before you start any type of spiritual work, it is strongly advised for you to have good protections.


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