Road Opener and Cleansing ceremonial for the New Year



Starting the New Year with clean roads and fresh energies is the best gift you can give yourself.

As per instructions of my house’s spiritual guides, this year we will do the New Year ceremonials in Cuba, that is why I am taking the orders in advance.

We will do a drumming section on December 31st to clean all the reminding energy from the old year and will perform individual road opener, protection and cleansing ceremonials for anyone who participates in the ritual.

Once I come back from Cuba, after January 3rd, I will write individual reports of the ceremonials performed and the advice from the Orishas for each person.

There is a limited number of available spots for this ceremonial, once you place your order, please email me your full birth name, a recent picture and a short text with your request for the new year, please be specific and realistic when asking for something.

These ceremonials can also be purchased for someone who you want to help, no previous consultation needed.


No consultation is needed to purchase this ceremonial as it is directed to improve all the aspects of your life and your spirits.

You will need to email your picture, full birth name and date of birth after you place your order. Orders will be accepted until December 15th, 2017


Yaya Maria


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