Endulzamiento / Sweetening Ritual


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This ritual is directed to sweeten, appease, come down and/or soothe a person.
This ritual is performed on top of my Nganga with special herbs and ingredients directed to influence a person’s attitude and behavior to help you achieve your goals.
I will be accepting orders for this ritual for limited time, it depends of my time, supply of herbs and ingredients needed.
The sweetening ritual can be performed on anyone you need to influence, it could be a lover, a boss, a family member or a friend.

The closer your relationship is to the person, the more effective the ritual will be, this ritual should not be used on someone you have never met or someone you have been estranged for a long time, there are other rituals that may be needed in these cases in order to shorten the distance if the spirits agree to, a consultation is always the best way to go to ensure results. If you are unsure, please order a consultation before placing your order.

This ritual shall not be used to influence people suffering from addictions, health or other psychological problems, if that is the case, based on my own experience, results can be unpredictable.

The effects of this ritual does not take away the will of the person, in other words, do not expect the person to become a puppet you can manipulate randomly, in the other hand, expect the person to be more open and willing to be around you and to feel better being close to you.
This ritual is not a binding ritual and you must learn how to use this energy for your own benefit, the lasting of the results depends of many factors, results may last longer or shorter according your specific situation.

This ritual can be ordered without previous consultation, but you have to understand that every person and situation is unique and for complicated situations where spiritual and physical obstacles exist, it is always best to consult the spirits first.

Once you place your order, I will consult with my Nganga and schedule your ritual, during the next few days, you will receive an email with the confirmation of the date your ritual will be performed and how many days it will take. Sometimes the ritual can be completed in 7, 15 or 21 days, that is something that will be defined by my Nganga at the time I set the ritual. Once the ritual is completed, I will send you another confirmation email. This is a service, nothing will be shipped to you.

You will have to email me full pictures of you and the person you want to influence with this ritual, the nature of the relationship (romantic, familiar, business, etc) and the dates of birth of both. This ritual can only be ordered to influence one person at the time.

This ritual is not to be used to fix a broken relationship, if that is your case, it is advisable for you to schedule a consultation before ordering to ensure the relationship can be fixed.

Nothing will be shipped with this ritual, this is a service and you must agree with the Terms of Services before ordering.

The customer is responsible for sending me the information and details needed for this ritual and to follow the instructions from the spirits.


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