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Yaya Maria is an initiated Santeria priestess of Oya, the powerful Orisha of change and the spirits of the death.
Orishas are the African Spirits, deities who represent different manifestations of God. Orishas represent different energies and situations we encounter every day and at every point in our lives, one (or more) Orisha will come to help us.
Sometimes it may be your guardian Orisha, sometimes it may not. This service is for a custom work to the specific Orisha after the consultation.
If Yaya Maria offers this service during a consultation, she will consult the Orisha directly with the coconut oracle about your situation and email you the details of the work advised. There is no way to list all the possible services because every service is customized to the particular needs of the individual and the advice of the specific Orisha who is taking the request.
A consultation is required to purchase this service.
Shipping charges (if applicable)  are included in the price.

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