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Yaya Maria is an initiated Palo Mayombe priestess who works with the powers of the spirits from her Nganga (“Caldero”, spiritual pot where spirits reside and work) to help ordinary people create extraordinary changes.
In  the Palo Mayombe practices everything starts with a consultation, every doctor has to consult a patient before a treatment, magic is no different.
The custom rituals needed for some situations can only be determined after a consultation with Yaya Maria, therefore this listing is conditioned to a consultation. If you purchase this service without a previous consultation, you agree to the fact that Yaya Maria may cancel and refund your order if the spirits advice her to do so after a consultation.
Yaya Maria is conscientious and responsible when it comes to the spells she does with her Nganga and will only do spells as selected and accepted by the spirits that reside within.
Palo Mayombe uses the forces of the spirits of the dead to achieve results, but Palo Mayombe spells are not for everyone and all situations, there are many reasons why a situation will not be accepted and if it is your case, do not take it as a negative action or something personal, be grateful that Yaya Maria was honest with you and the spirits are protecting your from spiritual situations that could be harmful in the future.
The powers of the spirits and spells of Palo Mayombe go beyond your mortal mind and will help you find REAL solutions for your problems. Palo Mayombe spells are not game and should never be taken lightly.
For most spells photos and imprints will be needed (This is a must for love spells.), Yaya Maria will arrange the details with you and after you purchase the service, she will send you the instructions and the mailing address where you will ship your items. You will be responsible for shipping your items in a timely manner.
If an amulet, bath or other items are prepared with the spell, they will be shipped to you to your PayPal address, instructions will be sent via email.
There are few services listed at different prices, when you place your order, make sure you select and add to the cart the service or services advised to you by Yaya Maria.


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