Ceremonials to the Orisha Oya for Change and New Beginnings


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Oya is a fierce and powerful warrior Orisha in the Cuban Santeria tradition.
Oya is the keeper of the gates of the cemetery.
Oya is the force of change in nature and in life.
Oya is the force of the wind.
Oya is the tornado, the spirits of the dead are her soldiers.

The Ashe of Oya is energizing, dynamic, changing and protective.
Oya controls the air and winds and often rides storms.
Oya is the force of nature that makes the wind blow, the tornado that destroys her enemies and opens the field for a new building to arise.

Withe these ceremonials, we will summon the powers of Oya to bring her winds of change into your life and help you find a new path in your journey.
Whether you are looking for a new love, a new job, a new friend, a new house or a new career, the energies of Oya will help you.

If you feel stuck in a situation and the past keeps coming back to you, this is the energy you need to start all over.

This ceremonial is available to anyone in need of drastic changes, whether it is a new love, a new job, a new career or a new life, the winds of Oya can bring it to you.
If you feel stuck in the present or the past the winds of Oya may be the solution to help you move on your path.
If you feel stricken with bad luck the winds of Oya can help you release the energy from its roots.
If you are happy and content with your present life, this ceremonial is not for you.
When Oya brings change, sometimes it can be tumultuous and fierce at first, many times it can be unexpected or somehow destructive, like the force of the tornado that destroys everything to make sure a new house can be built from scratch.

Never be afraid of Oya. Oya is protective, wise and powerful and she will never harm you.

Oya is the Orisha to call when you need complete changes in your life.
This ceremonial can also be used to banish enemies or people who hurt you in the past.
If you have an special request, you will send it with your order.
If you have heavy emotional and spiritual luggage, Oya is the Orisha that can help you get rid of it.
The Ashe of Oya can help you break ties from past situations, spirits and people.

Once you place your order, I will schedule the date of your ceremonials, it could take me few days to schedule because I need to call other Santeria priests to confirm the date. You will receive an email with the instructions.
For these ceremonials I will need a recent picture of your whole body, with a clear and visible face, 
your full birth name and date of birth.

You will need to gather ribbons of 9 colors and I will send you the instructions of what to do with them.

No report will be sent via email, follow ups will be done via the phone, (Skype is available for international callers)

Once the date of your ceremonial is scheduled, you will receive an email with all the instructions and the link to schedule your follow up appointment in order for me to update you about the work completed and any specific advice Oya had for you.
No consultation is needed to purchase this ceremonial.
Nothing will be shipped with this order. This is a spiritual service.
A telephone (or Skype) followup is included with the service and the customer is responsible for scheduling it at the link that will be provided.


Yaya Maria
Jekua Jey Yansa



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