Refund Policy

Due to the nature of Yaya Maria’s spiritual work, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, we cannot offer refunds once the service has been provided.

By placing your order with Orisha Ashe are aware you are purchasing a service, nothing will be shipped; there is no Item Not Received option because Yaya Maria offers spiritual services, non tangible items and that is what you are paying for. This applies to consultations and ritual services.

If you change your mind after ordering a service from Orisha Ashe’s Store and decide you want to cancel and request a refund,  a 50% processing fee will be charged, and you will only receive 50% of your payment. This ONLY applies if the service has not been provided or the ritual have not been scheduled; once the service is provided, NO REFUNDS shall be honored.

By placing your order in Orisha Ashe’s store, you MUST agree to this condition, and you MUST be aware that if you cancel your order and receive a partial refund, you will need authorization from Yaya Maria before you are able to order from our store again.