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Email Consultation vs. Phone Consultation

I get this question by email many times and will try to explain it clearly.

The email ritual consultation service is NOT a full phone consultation, I do not offer full or general email consultations.

The main reason why I do not offer full email consultations is because writing in the English language comes harder for me, English is not my natal language and typing consultation reports take me hours, time which I do not have.

I always feel I can make a better connection and offer a better service to a client when I am talking and interacting with the person over the phone and it is a more full filling experience for both of us.

I always tell my customers, when it comes to the English language, I am a witch, not a writer, I love to write in Spanish and have been working on a book about Santeria and Palo roots for quite some time, but my English writing skills are limited.

If you want a full consultation, please purchase a Phone Consultation, I will talk to you in the phone for as long as it is needed, I never look at the clock when I consult a client and will answer all your questions to the best of my abilities.

The email ritual consultation is limited to consult about specific spell for a situation, you will receive a paragraph talking about the sign I got from the spirits and the spell the spirits recommend for your situation (if any), no details no open questions. This consultation is only for customer’s interested in purchasing custom spell work and the cost of the consultation will be credited towards your spell at the time of purchase.

I used to offer the spell consultations free of charge to potential customers but had to start charging for it due to abuse.

Consultations are not refundable.

May the spirits be with you and protect you always

Yaya Maria

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