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About spiritual protection

I am sure I have written about the importance of spiritual protection before, however this topic tends to be ignored.

What is Spiritual Protection?

I compare spiritual protection with the natural antibodies we have in our bodies to protect us against fight diseases, even during childhood years we have vaccines to boost our defenses against viruses and diseases, as we grow older, the antibodies get stronger and keep our bodies healthy by fighting disease when we come in contact with germs, if our antibodies fail protecting us, we get sick.

This is a natural process and we never know exactly when or how it is happening because we cannot see it.

Spiritual protection works in a similar way. By maintaining and reinforcing the “antibodies” which will fight against negative spiritual energies that come in contact with us during different times of our journey. If these antibodies fail, we become weak and vulnerable.

Spiritual protection is the way to give our spiritual guides the tools needed to fight negative energies before they affect us directly.

When is the best time for spiritual protection?

With spiritual protection, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The best time for spiritual protection is when things are going right, when you feel strong, when you feel happy, when you are working to reach your goals, when you feel stable and successful.

Most people only reach out for the help from the spirits when something goes wrong, when they lose the job, the partner, the house, the opportunity and in every case I consult, I am able to see how easy some situations could have been avoided with the right protections in place.

This does not mean that having spiritual protection will make your life perfect and that you will never have problems or difficulties in your life, most difficult situations we go thru are meant to happen anyways and is the way we grow and learn, but there are 2 important things we can receive with spiritual protection:

1) We are less vulnerable during difficult times, it makes our falls easier and it is easier to recover.

2) It makes it harder for negative spirits and energies to reach us and create unbalances, chaotic energies and tragedies in our lives.

Just like keeping your physical body healthy is an everyday task, keeping your spiritual protections in place should be an ongoing task of anyone involved in the spiritual word.

Weather you do any spiritual work to influence others, receive or give spiritual readings, or call your spirits to help, the first thing you need to learn is how to activate and strengthen your own spiritual protection.

One easy way to activate your own spiritual protections is by working with your guides and ancestors and finding ways to strengthen their own protection capabilities.

Some people are more sensible than others, some people are born with weak spiritual protections and they must continue reinforcing them in the regular basis.

Every spiritual practice and religion has different ways to work with the spiritual protections, I talk about my own experiences and personal knowledge with spiritism, santeria and palo.

One way to boost the energies and protection abilities of your own spiritual guides is by preparing amulets; these amulets are usually prepared with natural ingredients (sticks, stones, beads, feathers, crystal) to attract protection forces to your realm.

In some cases, initiations are needed to get the person to a good protected state, it is hard to generalize, because every solution is unique to the needs of the spiritual guides of the person.

The key is to find the spirits with the energy, which is compatible with you, willing to bring the protection forces to you.

I usually call it a good spiritual hygiene, without spiritual protections, we as spiritual beings, are vulnerable.

Always remember, the protection is best to have in place before things go wrong, it will make it easier for you to bounce back.

I have listed few protection ceremonials in the store and it amazes me how they are way less popular than attraction or other types of work.

Protection, protection, protection, never let your guard down and your journey will be much easier and happier! It will make it easier for you to recover from difficult times, it will make it easier for you not to fall deep, and if you are struggling now, it is never too late to get you strong and to help you find the balance you need In your life.

There ere different types of protection ceremonials I do in my spiritual practices, however there is not such a thing as one size fits all, this is a general guide:

1) Overall Spiritual Protection: This protection is done with your own spiritual guides to help them be stronger and defend you in your everyday life

2) Child protection: We do this for every child in our family (sometimes for the unborn children when needed) to ensure their protections are in place and the child can grow up to be successful adults. I always tell people that this is the type of protection you would like your parents did for you.

3) Protection against spiritual attacks

4) Protection against your enemies spiritual and psychical 

5) Financial – Carrier Protection

6) House protection – To protect peace and harmony in your home and family

7) Evil Eye Protection – This is needed for people who are more sensible to negative energies coming from others, when your own defenses are low, you are most vulnerable to these energies affecting you

8) Relationship – Love protection

9) Specific protection when spiritual work or spiritual communication is being performed

10) Protection against witchcraft – Any witchcraft done against you is as strong as weak are your own spiritual protections

11) Protection against sickness – If your spiritual protections are hight, your own health will improve

Every situation is different, there is no one size fits all when it comes to spiritual work.


Yaya Maria

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Espiritu Burlón – Mocking Spirit


There is a joke in my country:

A farmer hears a voice that tells him: “Sell everything and play Red 21 in the roulette”
The farmer goes to his wife and tells her that he is ready to change his luck
He sells everything he owns and goes to the casino
The voice continues repeating “Red 21 … Everything at Red 21″
At the casino the farmer bets everything he owns to Red 21 and looses
And the voice says: “Nos jodimos” – “We are screwed up” ….

Most people who have ever walked the spiritual path can relate with this story, one of the first lessons we learn is to understand that we can not trust, listen and follow any spirit that comes forward as tempting and appealing the offer may be without first verifying its source.

What we call Mocking Spirits (Espiritu Burlón in Spanish) are everywhere. These are spirits and entities of the lowers range and they acquire their energy from manipulating vulnerable and ignorant people. These spirits make it easy to connect and to the untrained eye, they may look “powerful”, but at the end of the day they will create chaos and confusion.

The truth is that it is easier to make contact with these lower spirits than with the strong ones. Unfortunately, many people come to the spiritual world looking for the easy way out, just to find themselves let down, manipulated and used. Spiritual growth is a journey, not a destination, you learn and grow in the path; the easy and fast solutions always come with a high cost.

Most spiritual religions have a path, initiations, steps to follow; serious spiritual practices can not be learned in the internet and/or practiced in solitary. Every spiritual practice in the universe has its own divination and ceremonial system, the idea that a beginner can master them without training and guidance is wrong and misleading.

The only successful solitary practitioners I have met are the ones who come with strong ancestral connections and had spiritual guidance and connections to their ancestors during their childhood years. But for the people who do not come from spiritual background, with no prior knowledge about spiritual practices, working with spirits without proper investigation, preparation and spiritual protection is a recipe for disaster.

The internet is full of “free” instructions and guides on how to do things, however I am sorry to tell you that most of them are incomplete and inaccurate because they represent the experience of one person which more likely does not apply to everyone. And most of the spiritual books are missing key information that is only learned from practice, training and spiritual guidance.

If you are serious about receiving spiritual guidance, you must be ready for it, be honest with yourself, be humble and listen. You will receive it in the way the spirits want, you can not rush it, you can not make it happen when and how you want it, always remember, it is a path, not a destination.

Before reaching to any spirit, a person MUST reach and investigate its own guidance and ancestral spirits, there is no spiritual development without the assistance of your own ancestor spirits, every single spiritual practice in this universe pays respect to ancestral forces. Ignoring your own ancestors is the easiest way to end up being a puppet of the mocking spirits.

In my spiritual practices, we need guidance, training, learning and initiations. Every master was a student and learned from another master, do not think you can do it yourself without the basis because you will be another one playing in the hands of mocking spirits. Perseverance and determination are the key of success in any spiritual journey.

The highest spirits will not come to assist the ones seeking for an easy way out. Just because you liked a prayer or read an article about a particular spirit you feel drawn to, it does not mean you are ready to reach to it, the first step is spiritual protection and it comes from your own guides and ancestors.

Most successful spiritualists are born with the gift, but they need to learn how to cultivate and nurture it before they can use it, you may even be one of them, it is never too late to learn, but do yourself a favor and find a way to verify all the information you receive from the spirits before following them blindly. Create a close connection with your own guides and ancestors, it can not be done in one day, it takes time and resources, it may even take initiations, years of study, preparation, mistakes and some tears, but you will be going in an steady path and your life will be much easier.

In my practices, we use specific ceremonials to make sure the lower spirits do not infiltrate our work, and believe me when I tell you that I deal with them regularly, that is why working with strong divination systems is the secret and key of success in any spiritual practice. Always remember that mocking spirits make it look easier to connect, feel, listen than real spirits and that is why so many people end up being their puppets.

Most people under the influence of mocking spirits will not listen to their own guides and will dismiss anything or anyone who tries to tell them the truth, it depends how far are they being manipulated, I have helped some, but others still believe that “Oshun” or “Yemaya” or “Siete Rayos” or “The Santa Muerte” … etc.… are answering them just because they burned a candle or did an altar after reading a book without a prior divination, the required initiations, ceremonials, protections, offerings and without the guidance of their own ancestors.


Yaya Maria

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The Role of Women in Palo Mayombe

The rules of Palo Mayombe have limitations and restrictions on the role of women.tata

This is a well known phenomenon suffered by women around the world on different spiritual practices. Mothers, Yayas and Godmothers play a secondary role in the most important rites of Palo Mayombe: Initiation ceremonies The preparation of the fundamentos (Ngangas) The sacrifice of four legged animals

Despite the above mentioned limitations, the role of women in Palo Mayombe is very important and essential for numerous reasons. Yayas do not initiate, but they play important roles in the initiation ceremonials, they bring balance and support the Tatas and the godchildren of the house, Yayas are the godmothers who give strength and guidance, Yayas are a powerful source of light and spiritual development, Yayas often represent the maternal side of Palo Mayombe.

Women represent the universal source of life. Women represent the powers of birth and creation, we all come from women. It is an undeniable fact that when it comes to consultations, healing, spiritual baths, cleansings, protection works, love spells, amulets, makutos, spiritual development and so on, Yayas are natural witches and their powers are unlimited, when it comes to witchcraft, the works of the Yayas is as powerful as they come, never underestimate the powers of a Yaya when she works with her Nganga.

In Palo Mayombe women can have their fundamento (nganga), a Yaya who has her fundamento is called Yaya Nganga, it means Yaya who owns her Nganga, a Yaya who does not have her own fundamento is called Yaya Nkisi. Yayas Nganga can attend and work their ngangas as long as they are not in their menstrual cycle.

The relationship between Tatas and Yayas has been based on mutual respect, priests know they need and complement each, there is no Yaya without a Tata, but there is no Tata without a Yaya.

By means of this article I want to pay homage to two powerful and famous Yayas Na Secundina and Na Filomena.

These two women were native from Congo, brought as slaves to the Sugar Mill of Santa Amalia, founded in 1853 in the town of Cimarrones, Matanzas. The town became famous for its surrounding forests, shelter for runaway slaves and for the miracle cures practiced by means of herbs and leaves collected in this fertile area.

Legends say that Na Secundina and Na Filomena were able to bring men back to life; they used to spend nights of prayers, cleansings and works with the spirits to make people come back to life. The stories of the powers of healing and resurrections performed by these two powerful Yayas have been passed verbally from generations to generations. Na Filomena and Na Secundina were Yayas Nganga, they prepared their fundamentos (ngangas) by themselves using the knowledge they brought from their natal Congo.

We should never forget to honor and respect our ancestors, all the men and women who planted the roots of Palo Mayombe, despite being taken from their natal lands and the resentments caused by their condition of slaves.

Tata – Palo Mayombe High Priest
Tata Nganga – Tata who has his fundamento
Tata Nkisi – Tata who does not have his fundamento
Yaya – Palo Mayombe Initiated High Priestess
Yaya Nganga – Yaya who has her fundamento
Yaya Nkisi – Yaya who does not have her fundamento
Fundamento – Nganga – Cauldron of the Spirits


Yaya Maria