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But all I want is my ex back…

But all I want is my ex back…

You broke up with your partner/husband/boy/girlfriend and you are devastated. You want him/her back and cant stop thinking about it. You have to make it happen! 

You turned to Google and found a psychic, the psychic told you exactly what you needed to hear: “He/She is your soul mate and is missing you, he/she is confused at the moment but you will be back together next month”. This is all you need to hear, it gives you courage, hope and expectation, and you believe it is worth to wait.

Next month comes and you decide to try a “love spell” to make things happen, you spend few hundred dollars in a “Return My Love Spell”; months go by but nothing happens, you continue stalking you ex’s Facebook page and cry of desperation when you see happy pictures, how can he/she be happy while you are miserable? … Time to call the psychic again…

Sounds familiar? Many people who contact me are in this same situation.

First you need to understand something about the spirits, spiritual practices are learned and developed over time, all of the sudden you want the spirits to do something for you when you have never spent any time or energy trying to get to know your own spirits.

The secret of any spiritual work is in the connection that can be established with the person’s own spiritual guides. If your spiritual guides are weak and chaotic, if you are carrying spiritual baggage from generations, if you have obsessor spirits with you, any work that does not address these problems first, is always going to make things worse for you in the long run.

Every single spiritual work I do starts with cleansing and offerings to the spirit guides and ancestors of the person; it is the most important step. The stronger you are in your own spiritual being, the easier it would be for the spirits to help you and make things happen in your life.

It cannot be done in one day or with one prayer, sometimes it takes multiple spiritual sections to get to the bottom of it and sometimes it takes a lifetime to clear the spiritual baggage we tend to carry.

That is why I try to explain and teach people who reach out to me for help; the importance of strong spiritual protections, connection and development of your spiritual guides, this is not about your ex, it is about YOU!

Why do I need a cleaning if all I want is my ex back? ….

If all you want is your ex back and do not care about your spiritual wellbeing, please do not ask me to help you because I am here to help, I am not here to perpetuate your obsessions, create more spiritual luggage and contribute to spiritual confusion.

Lets go back to the roots, why did your ex leave? If there was any external influence, it means that you were not spiritually strong enough to stop it, why would you want to continue adding to it.

It is very simple; lets say you visit a surgeon because you want a tummy tuck surgery; when the doctor sees your blood work he tells you that you have anemia and the surgery that you want so much, the only thing that you think can make you happy is not recommendable at that time because there will be complications, you need to address and resolve other health issues first.

That is exactly why we have to consult before offering spiritual work, doing binding or break up work on a person who is in a weak or fragile spiritual state is not advisable and it never works at the end. The weak and chaotic spirits tend to take all the energy and the person ends up being more obsessed and consumed by the situation.

The first question I ask my spirits before I open a consultation is: Can I help this person on its spiritual journey?
If my Egun answers NO, I will not be able to offer you spiritual work. It does not mean you are helpless, it just means I am not the person who can help you at this point of time.


Yaya Maria 

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OrishaAshe Store moved to a new design – Page Not Found Message

Our store moved to a new design on August 11th, 2015 some of the old links may not work.

If you receive a message Page Not Found, please link to the main page OrishaAshe .

Our email failed the first few days, the problem has been resolved, should encounter any problem, please Email Us.

To login your account, please select the option to reset your password at this link My Account .

We have a new Section for Questions and Answers, feel free to ask your questions about anything related to the OrishaAshe store, the spirits, Santeria or Palo Mayombe Ask Orisha Ashe.


Yaya Maria


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Message from Yaya Maria – Don’t shoot the messenger

Recently I have been dealing with emails from clients who were disappointed and unhappy because my spirits did not offer custom spiritual work for them, and every time this happens, it shows me how correct my spirits are when they choose who to help and who to turn down.

Still some leave me speechless, I do not want to take their money if the spirits say is not going to happen and if I know I cannot help them, yet some still feel the need to be rude? Is this for real?

I am making this post for new customers to read before they contact me asking for spiritual work.

First and foremost I will say that I am only one person, and contrary to what some want to believe, I am only human, I am not connected 24/7 and I do not make things happen for you, it is my Eguns, the Orishas, the Nkisis and the spirits who make anything possible, I am only the messenger.

With that said I can only take limited amount of clients at once, I can only do a limited amount of consultations a week.

Now, the most important part, spiritual work is not a drive thru window  where you order what you want from a menu, when you work with the spirits, it is not about what you want, but about what you can receive and what the spirits are willing to give you.

Before I am able to commit to any spiritual work I ask my Eguns and they choose who they will help and who they will not help, my spirits normally turn down more requests than what they accept, Tata Jose, my main guide in Palo is very picky on who and what we use his Prenda (Spiritual Cauldron) . It is out of my control, I trust my Eguns and I know there is a reason for everything in the spiritual world, but once my spirits take someone in, they make me go the extra mile.

One of the many reasons why working for some people is very difficult and the spirits turn down so many is because of spiritual build up, we all have it, I clean myself daily, any person who does spiritual work needs to include cleansing rituals, when we call upon spirits, when we tap into the energies of the universe, we must be able to absorb the energies the spirits make available to us, if we are not ready spiritually to absorb these energies, they create unbalances and what I personally call, spiritual junk, like build up of spiritual energies and spirits that cannot get anywhere. One of the basis of any spiritual practice, essentially in Palo Mayombe and Santeria is cleansing and depuration, sometimes we carry energies and spirits with us that we need to depurate to give room to other energies to reach up to us.

For example, when someone is initiated in Santeria it needs to be a whole year in white without doing any spiritual work, and there are reasons for that. There are many cleansing ceremonials that need to take place before a person is scratched (rayado) in Palo Mayombe and the most important part, the spirits guides of the person must agree to the work, that is why spiritual investigation misas are so important in my religion.

When someone reaches too many spiritual energies at once, it causes build up, just like taking overdoses of multivitamins thinking you will get healthier sooner, the ones that are soluble get eliminated from your body and others cause build up and will make you sick in the long term, this is one of the things the spirits look into before starting a new work, I always ask my clients to stop any additional spiritual work while the work from my spirits is in progress, some do, some don’t, I do not argue, the spirits always know what is going on.

Unfortunately some people cannot take the world NO for an answer and they get all upset and feel the need to be arrogant and insulting, one of the first lessons the spirits taught me is to be humble and honest, it is a very intrinsic part of my religion, we need to learn to be humble to our Godparents and Brothers and Sisters, we need to learn to be humble to the Orishas, the Nkisis and the spirits, I am humble and respectful to my clients, I treat others the same respect I expect to be treated, unfortunately some try to take advantage and confuse it with weakness, nothing further from the truth, that is where spiritual strength comes from.

When you consult me about spiritual work, there is a good chance the spirits will turn your request down, in some cases the spirits will offer you something else, or nothing at all, as bad and hurt as you can feel, do not take it personal, you asked for advice and my spirits are being honest, I am being honest, I am not taking your money, if  the spirits are giving you an honest advice, do not disregard it, do not argue it, listen to it, it is up to you whether you follow it or not, but please don’t shoot the messenger.


Yaya Maria

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Welcome Caridad

It is my pleasure to announce that Caridad (we all know her by Cacha) has offered her help to run the online store.

Caridad is a childhood friend, we met in elementary school in Camaguey, our natal town, 25 years later, after going on different paths around the world, fate let us meet again in Miami.

Besides being  a friend, Caridad is my Godchild, she recently completed the first year of her Iaworaje. I was honored to initiate Caridad last year in Santeria as an Iyalorisha Olo Oshun, Oshun is her mother and Elegua is her father.

Caridad is a woman of great character and spiritual knowledge, her guides are powerful and she has developed her own spirituality over many years of practice and study.

Caridad had studied different magical traditions. She was initiated into Santeria last summer and we just celebrated her first birthday. I am proud to have her as my Godchild and friend.

It is my honor to accept her help and I know it will make the online services easier for me to run and for all our clients.

With the help of Caridad, we will be able to list spiritual baths and other spiritual tools, she will take care of the shipping, writing instructions and email communication.

Caridad will be in charge of answering most emails, some are simple questions answered in the FAQ, but they can fill my mailbox and make it harder for me to concentrate on the communication with clients.

Caridad will also help me with schedules and updates on the spell work, basically she will help me in all the areas of customer support.

The existing system still in place, customers will use the Contact form or email us at, all the emails are to be directed there and they will be answered either by Caridad or by me.

The signature of the email will tell you who the email is coming from.

Caridad brings with her over 20 years of spiritual work, she a Spiritist above all and has been active in many spiritual centers in Cuba, Spain and Miami. Spiritism is her calling and her strength, she was initiated into Santeria last year as a call from her guides and her Guardian Angel Oshun.

As many of you will notice, emails were answered faster the last few weeks, it was a time that Caridad came for training, I am blessed to have my friend, sister and Godchild help me with this store.

Caridad is also an artist, she does handmade jewelry and dolls, we will be listing them in the store, watch out for her works with Oshun, they rock!

For our new and existing customers, do not be surprised if you receive an email signed by Caridad, Yaya Maria’s Assistant.

With Caridad’s help I am sure the service to our existing and new clients will improve and we will be able to share our help, knowledge and Ashe with anyone in need of our help and guidance.

May the spirits be with you and protect you always

Yaya Maria

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Email Consultation vs. Phone Consultation

I get this question by email many times and will try to explain it clearly.

The email ritual consultation service is NOT a full phone consultation, I do not offer full or general email consultations.

The main reason why I do not offer full email consultations is because writing in the English language comes harder for me, English is not my natal language and typing consultation reports take me hours, time which I do not have.

I always feel I can make a better connection and offer a better service to a client when I am talking and interacting with the person over the phone and it is a more full filling experience for both of us.

I always tell my customers, when it comes to the English language, I am a witch, not a writer, I love to write in Spanish and have been working on a book about Santeria and Palo roots for quite some time, but my English writing skills are limited.

If you want a full consultation, please purchase a Phone Consultation, I will talk to you in the phone for as long as it is needed, I never look at the clock when I consult a client and will answer all your questions to the best of my abilities.

The email ritual consultation is limited to consult about specific spell for a situation, you will receive a paragraph talking about the sign I got from the spirits and the spell the spirits recommend for your situation (if any), no details no open questions. This consultation is only for customer’s interested in purchasing custom spell work and the cost of the consultation will be credited towards your spell at the time of purchase.

I used to offer the spell consultations free of charge to potential customers but had to start charging for it due to abuse.

Consultations are not refundable.

May the spirits be with you and protect you always

Yaya Maria