About Yaya Maria

orisha ashe

My name is Maria, also known as Yaya Maria, Centella Viento Malo Vence Guerra Garabato, initiated Palo Monte Mayombe priestess from the Regla Muertera Otunga Mayombe.

Santeria Iyalorisha Omo Oya, initiated under the mysteries of the Orisha Oya in the Cuban Santeria tradition; Oya is my mother and Chango is my father, I am Afefe Nike. In the local Santeria community I am also known as Afefe or Maria Afefe.

I am also a spiritual medium and connect with the spirits in spiritual gatherings (we call them misas), where we use the basis of kardecist spiritism.

I consult and do all my spells, amulets and spiritual work with license of my Spirits, my Nganga and my Orishas. I have powerful guides who lead every step of my spiritual work.

Born in Cuba into a family of practitioners, I follow the traditions of my house and the teachings of my grandparents and godparents who initiated and taught me the deepest secrets they learned from their own ancestors and teachers. I have been living in Miami for the last 20 years. I do personal consultations from my home as well as custom spells and Santeria initiations.

My spiritual work, spells and consultations are not just my job; they are my call and my path. In my practices and my life, Santeria and Palo Mayombe are not merely magical systems, they are the religions and believes that encompass and steer my life. My Spirits and Orishas are always with me and they guide every step I take.

Times have changed from the days that my ancestors had to conceal their practices back in Cuba. Today I can freely stand and advertise the beliefs and the powers of their spiritual legacy. It is my honor to make my services available to those in need, as it is my duty to honor the teachings and ethical standards of my ancestors.

When I make my services available to you, it is not just about the consultation, the prediction or the spell, it is more about helping you to uncover the powers of your own spirits, the connection to your ancestors and guides, the mysteries beyond the unseen curtain.

Most people will tap into the powers of the spirits when they find themselves in difficult and life changing situations.

Sometimes one spell will not solve all your problems, however discovering, developing and learning about your own spirits and spiritual needs may be the first step to find the peace, love, stability and happiness. It is the foundation of my spiritual practices and the gift I have to share with you.

May the spirits be with you and protect you always.


Yaya Maria