Welcome to Orisha Ashe,
whether you arrived by intent, curiosity or chance,we are pleased to assist you in this step of your spiritual journey.

If you are searching for a genuine and reliable Santeria and Palo Monte Mayombe practitioner, you have definitely landed in the right place.

Yaya Maria is a Palo Mayombe initiated high priestess and Iyalorisha Omo Oya, Santeria initiated high priestess under the mysteries of the Orisha Oya.

Yaya Maria is also a spiritual medium who works closely with her spiritual guides to help you fulfill your spiritual needs with the assistance of the Orishas and the Spirits.

At OrishaAshe.com, we care for every one of our clients as part of our ever growing spiritual family. It is not just about a consultation, a ceremonial or a ritual, it is about being here for you every time you need our help.

Yaya Maria is always willing to answer your questions and help you grow and learn your own spiritual journey.

Please take your time to look around and come back often as we will be adding new products and services as they become available.